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Industrial Equipment

Precision balancing solutions

  • Portable and Hand-Held Balancing Instruments

  • Soft-Bearing Balancing Machines

  • Hard-Bearing Balancing Machines

Mixing and process equipment for a wide range of industrial applications

  • Mixers for Industrial and Laboratory Applications

  • Portable Pumps

  • Kettles and Reactors

  • High-Speed Dispersers

  • Mixing Vessels and Press-Out Stations

A global leader in the design, manufacture and sales of advanced induction power supplies, coils, and machine automation for a wide variety of industrial heating applications Text.

  • Induction Power Supplies

  • Induction Scanners

  • Induction Brazing

  • Wire and Cable Induction Heating Technology

  • Pipe Bending and Forming

  • Pipe Coating, Heat Treatment and Preparation Solutions

  • Billet Heating Systems

The first name in ultrasonic welding

  • Ultrasonics Metal Welders

  • Ultrasonic Non-Wovens and Textiles Bonders

  • Ultrasonic Plastic Bonders

Print systems

  • Screen-Printing Machines

  • Pad-Printing Machines

  • Flatbed-Laser for Engraving and Marking

  • Hot-Stamping Machines

  • Ink-Jet Systems

  • Dot-Marking System for Marking and 2-D DataMatrix

  • Electrolytic Etching

Hydrogen generators adopting Solid Polymer Electrolyte technology

  • Hydrogen Generators

  • Air Generators

  • Nitrogen Generators

  • Multi-Gas Generators

  • DuPont Nafion Membranes

Innovative dispersion systems

  • Laboratory and Pilot Plant Dissolvers

  • Integrated Dispersion and Milling System

  • Bead Mills

  • Basket and Flow Mills

High-performance dissolvers for laboratories, development and production

  • Laboratory and Pilot Dissolvers

  • Production Dissolvers

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