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Commitment to Quality

WeisScientific is a leading supplier of scientific products and technologies to the life science, pharmaceutical, laboratory, government and educational markets in Israel. Our strategic partnerships with the world's highest-quality manufacturers of laboratory equipment enable us to represent the future of the precision laboratory equipment industry, providing high-quality systems, methods and procedures to research institutes, universities, high-tech industries and health care organizations.



Focus on Excellence

WeisScientific is dedicated to ensuring that each one of our products is a market leader in design and quality. Our focus on excellence that extends to every area of our operation ensures that our products always maintain a prominent position at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Our mission is to advance leading edge research and analysis with high precision, quality built scientific apparatus.



Support and Service Center

Setting new benchmarks for service and quality, WeisScientific takes a leadership role in delivering value to its customers and providing outstanding levels of customer service and support. Educated by our principal manufacturers in equipment applications and their proper use, our service center provides technical assistance, support and maintenance for the products featured in our catalog. WeisScientific is committed to you both before and after the purchase. Whether you need help in selecting the right product for your application or assistance in using the equipment once it is received, our highly qualified sales and services staff stands by to assist you.





Arie Weiss

General Manager


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