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Vacuum Technologies


Components for semiconductor, optical and ophthalmic industries

  • Components for SemiConductor, Optical and Ophthalmic industries

Ultra-high vacuum (UHV) research equipment

  • Motion and Positioning Devices

  • Manipulators and Stages Motor

  • Controllers Vacuum Chambers

  • Feedthroughs Roughing Accessories

A world leader in high vacuum technology

  • Physical Vapor Deposition Systems

  • Large-Area Ion Beam Etching Systems

  • Electron Beam Evaporators

  • Thin Film Coating and Etching

  • Environmental Chambers

Advanced vaporization systems

  • Innovative and Advanced Vaporization Systems - specially designed for CVD, MOCVD, ALD and all gas phase processes and precursors

  • Stand-alone Injection Heads for Pyrosol and Spray Pyrolysis Processes

  • Custom-made Liquid Panels - for feeding vaporizers with air and moisture sensitive precursors.

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