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Research & Laboratories


Hydrogen generators adopting Solid Polymer Electrolyte technology

  • Hydrogen Generators

  • Air Generators

  • Nitrogen Generators

  • Multi-Gas Generators

  • DuPont Nafion Membranes

Instruments and software for assessing chemical safety

  • Specialised Calorimeters for Process Development, Optimisation and Chemical Safety Assessment

Innovative dispersion systems

  • Laboratory and Pilot Plant Dissolvers

  • Integrated Dispersion and Milling System

  • Bead Mills

  • Basket and Flow Mills

High-performance dissolvers for laboratories, development and production

  • Laboratory and Pilot Dissolvers

  • Production Dissolvers

Laboratory equipment

  • Homogenizers

  • Laboratory Mixers and Shakers

  • Motor and Magnetic Stirrers

  • Heating and Tempering Bath Circulators

  • Micropipettes and Microcentrifuge

  • High-precision Balances and Moisture Analysers

  • Isothermal Packaging System

  • Calorimeter

  • Laboratory Consumables

A wide range of physical measuring and testing equipment for different areas `

  • Gloss and Chalking Measurement
  • Physical measuring and testing equipment for application, fineness of grind, drying properties, film thickness, adhesion and flexibility, hard­ness, corrosion, viscosity etc.
  • Measurement Products for the Road Sector
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